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 Due to a family illness, orders were not accepted during 2017. In early 2018, I hope to be back online.  See Starting Over for more details.  - Jean Schnaak, Designer

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March 18, 2018

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The Loving Heart Pin is a simple way for a bride to simply say
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Photograph by: digitalgoldphotography



Loving Heart Pins



A bride remembers the first man she ever loved...

January 2018 - Starting Over



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Passionate about honoring Dad on his special day, jewelry designer Jean Schnaak designed and offers exclusively through the e-boutique unique, keepsake symbols of shared love, jewelry gifts for men, perfect for Father's Day , Valentines Day, Anniversaries and everyday. 

"Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to acknowledge a father's irreplaceable role in the family and in the life of his children. Instead of a card that gets tossed away, give him a gift that symbolizes the love and respect of his family every day,” emphasizes Schnaak.

The most popular keepsake and sentimental gifts for men from the The Loving Heart Collection are the Pocket Heart™ and the Loving Heart™ Pin. These tokens of love will stand as symbols of a love shared by two throughout the years ahead.

Both designs are easy for men to carry with them each day while at work or play. The Pocket Heart is particularly popular as gifts for soldiers in the active military.  Despite multiple deployments, the Pocket Heart will remind the soldier of his the steadfast love of his family back at home.

The Pocket Heart mingles well with coins in a pocket. Each time dad reaches into his pocket, he will be reminded of the love of his family.

The award winning Loving Heart™ Pin  is the only keepsake gift of heart jewelry specifically created for a man to wear hidden inside of a favorite jacket over his heart. In that discreet location, it serves as a private reminder of the love of another and the special bond they share.

"The first Loving Heart™ Pin was created as a gift for my pilot husband to wear hidden inside his airline jacket over his heart," explains Schnaak. "An accompanying verse card read, Whether you are near or far we will always be heart to heart."

 Customer testimonials  reveal that the designer's clients love the simplicity and quality of her gifts for men. "Many wives, girl friends, brides, daughters and men thank me for creating quality, keepsake and sentimental gifts to symbolize their love and affection for the special men in their life." Each gift of fine jewelry from the Loving Heart Collection is accompanied by a customized, elegant verse card. Loving Heart™ verses and verse cards  are available in nine languages.  Customers may create their own sentiment.

Loving Heart, LLC anticipates strong sales this season for Father's Day gifts. Loving Heart™ gifts for men are favorites among couples separated by travel or military service, couples celebrating an anniversary and brides looking for a sentimental gift for the father of the bride. Prices range $50 -$1,000.


Loving Heart, LLC

Founded in 1995, Loving Heart LLC is lead by Jean Schnaak, entrepreneur, professional nurse and jewelry designer. The company's mission is to make the world a better place, one relationship at a time.




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