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March 18, 2018

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Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her


Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

The best anniversary gifts are gifts from the heart. When it comes to anniversary gift ideas for her, your bride, this will hold true year after year. Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her - 14K Gold Heart Earrings

You may think of your anniversary as a day to focus all your attention on your wife; but instead, remember it is the anniversary of “I do’s” by the two of you. It is the official anniversary of the day when your two hearts became one and pledged in the presence of family, friends and God that you would be for one another from that day forward. 

Traditional anniversary gift ideas for women are often jewelry and an evening of fine dining and dancing.  Oh what happy memories my husband and I have of just such anniversary celebrations. 

A couple's anniversary is also an opportunity for  reflection. It can be very satisfying to consider the investment you’ve made in one another, appreciate your  accomplishments and reminisce - sort of the wedding anniversary version of the classic movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

With that said, as you begin making plans and gathering anniversary gift ideas for her consider creating a special time during the day for heart to heart conversation, reflection and forward looking.  Consider it an anniversary gift for both of you.

My husband and I have a mantra... "tandem forever".  It represents the commitment we've shared from the start.  Plus it fits us well as we trek about on our bike built for two!  Oh the fun! 

Morning coffee and a reminder that the secret to a long marriage is to put a little romance in everyday helps too!  Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her - Take time for a heart to heart conversation.


This year my husband totally surprised me with an anniversary trip to a Southern City I'd always longed to visit - Savannah, Georgia. The city was all that I had hoped it would be, visually stunning, rich in history, architecture, cultural foods and many well told stories of ghosts, pirates and colorful characters in olden Savannah society.

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her - Five Diamond Heart EarringsWhat meant the most to me about my husband's planned anniversary gift weekend trip was my heighted awareness of my husband’s love for me and his desire to show me that he knows me. It was an anniversary gift from his heart, a gift more lasting than the long walks under the Spanish moss draped branches of the majestic live oak trees canopying city squares in Historic Savannah. 

As for the actual anniversary weekend.  It was fabulous!   We stayed at East Bay Inn, where reports of frequent appearances of Charlie, the resident ghost, made us really wonder if he was in our company as we discovered neither of us kept turning the desk lamp on. The pralines and strolls along the riverfront were divine.  The best Southern food was at Paula Deen's  The Lady and Sons restaurant.  It was so much like my mother's cooking from years past that I rejoiced and ate until my heart was content.  The sweet tea was the best ever!!!!

When in Savannah, I highly recommend The Olde Pink House for a memorable dining experience.  It is important that you request seating downstairs in the Tavern by the piano. The special treat of the evening was David Duckworth on the piano. Be prepared for tears of joy as his Johnny Mercer tunes take you back in time. I hope you get our waiter, Condy. He was a delight.  In case you are interested in my impression of what the evening was like my Trip Advisor comment says it all.  They have since sent me a luggage tag and invited me to make more comments. :) 

Take note fellows.... the absolutely best anniversary gift I’veever been given was the declaration from my husband on our wedding day. He proclaimed that regardless of any bumps in roadhe would never walk away from our marriage. He was infatic. It simply was not an option.  His statement has been a good foundation for our relationship and our nearly thirty years of marriage.  We choose to be with one another each day. We make a point of being FOR one another.  We thank God for our love and we nurture our love like it was a newborn each day.

So as you ponder all the anniversary gift ideas for her remember to make your anniversary gift a gift from your heart.  When in doubt you can't go wrong with classic heart jewelry, a gift from your heart that symbolize your shared love.

I wish you and your bride many years of joy!

Happy Anniversary! - Jean Cotten Schnaak, LHC Designer



















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