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Due to a family illness, we are no longer accepting orders. We hope to be back online soon. - Jean Schnaak, Designer

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October 17, 2017

Member of Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America
International Checkout ships Loving Heart gifts anywhere in the world
Our remembrance gift services
include customizing Loving Heart™ Pins
 and verse cards as well as 
making arrangements for the delivery of gifts
 to loved ones in the future.
Call 919-274-2395
We can help you say
"My heart will be with you always..."

Loving Heart Pin
Sterling Silver
The Pocket Heart™
Solid Sterling Silver
Sparks of Joy™
Loving Heart™ Pin
Heart Pin
14K Yellow Gold
The Grateful Heart™
Sterling Silver
Sterling Birthstone Pin


The Loving Heart Pin arrived here on Friday. I was so excited. knowing that has traveled half of this world. Today I had the opportunity to offer it

This present is for my friend who has been going through quite a lot of depressing and stressful times this past year. Our friendship has helped him.  I needed something small and meaningful to show him that I'm always there for him - I've been looking for a couple of months now - but couldn't find anything that caught my attention until

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If you are a searching for a gift of remembrance that will bring comfort to loved ones, The Loving Heart Collection by Jean Schnaak® may have just the remembrance gift for this sensitive occasion. The Loving Heart™ Pin may be accompanied the verse card: "My heart will be with you always..."© to reassure and comfort a spouse, a child, a parent, sibling or friend. The Loving Heart™ Pin may be secured inside of a jacket over a man or woman's heart. In this discreet location it may be carried with a person most of the time as a reminder of the power of your love continuing to strengthen them as they are left behind. The Loving Heart™ Pin may be secured to any object that a person carries with them or views often as a gift of reassurance. A sentimental gift that will reassure those you love that your heart will be with them always.
What is a Loving Heart Gift?
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