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 Due to a family illness, orders were not accepted during 2017. In early 2018, I hope to be back online.  See Starting Over for more details.  - Jean Schnaak, Designer

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March 18, 2018

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Express Your Love - musings of a designer, stories of celebrating special occasions and gift ideas to help you express your love to others

Express Your Love Blog

Starting Over - Today marks a year since I lost something precious - my mother.

Military Times - Love and Honor for Those Who Serve(d) - I have such a high regard for our military and military families. The sacrifices they have made through time away from loved ones with such a strong devotion to our country is phenomenal. While I have friends and family who have served, only those who have experienced it firsthand can truly understand the strength and loyalty required of military.

Father’s Day Favorites - a day to remember dad with gifts of love, respect and remembrance As the official day to remember dad we think of his favorite sport, his favorite song to sing loudly in the car, his favorite tool that helps him fix everything, his favorite drink or meal at the end of a good long day. What is it that makes this man who he is? While the list of his favorites may come to mind first, it is his family that makes him a father. 

Honoring Dad on Fathers Day with love and admiration  -  Men often gloss over sweet musings and declarations of love for them. However, Father's Day is a gloves- off, defenses-down kind of day; the one day each year that dads let their guard down. How will you spend Fathers Day with your dad?

What Motherhood Really Means - It will change your life, but not in the way you think...

The Best Gift for Mother's Day - It’s that time of year  again. The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Somehow it always seems to sneak up on me though. At the last minute I’m scrambling to get something to show my mom I care. I want to give her a Mother’s Day gift that says it all. 

Looking Like a Bride - A few weeks ago, I was honored to go wedding dress shopping with a friend who is getting married later this year. It was so much fun seeing her try on several different gowns and start to truly look like a bride. I remember my own experience trying on wedding gowns quite fondly. It was when everything felt real

The Graduation Gift of Love - Sometimes love is LOUD. It’s a love that sweeps you off your feet in a moment of joy and exuberance. Sometimes love is quiet. It’s a love that you can hold close to your heart and breathe in knowing its depth and sincerity. 
Making Snow Cream and Making Memories - Mother always delighted my daddy, brothers and me by making snow cream. It has been a fun tradition in our family. Here's the recipe we use.
If Follow-through Was For Sale, I'd Buy a Case of It! - When it comes to relationships, despite our hearts being in the right place,  connecting with friends and family often gets pushed toward the bottom of our to-do list.

Make Her Fall in Love With You All Over Again - No Mistletoe Required!
- Cat got your tongue? Speechless? At a loss for words? There are so many sayings for not knowing what to say at the proper time. When it comes to talking about feelings, we all know it can be hard to put emotions into words.
For a Love that Goes the Distance - Distance is difficult. If it wasn’t, marathon runners wouldn’t have to train for months before a race. You wouldn’t be tired after a long car ride, and a string of flights across the country would seem like a breeze. Working tirelessly at a long-term goal wouldn’t be such a challenge. But we all know that these things are tiring, even exhausting at times
Are You Who I Think You Are? - A Son's Story of His Parents, the Power of Love and Alzheimer's Disease.

How will you remember the first man you ever loved on your wedding day? - A woman can't help but remember the first man she ever loved on her wedding day.

Valentine's Gifts For Her - A man doesn't love the woman in his life because she is exactly like everyone else; he loves her for her quirks, her personality and all the thngs that make her uniquely and indescribably different. A gift for her must represent an outpouring of your love for her.
Romantic Gift Ideas for Him - When you’re shopping for something special for the man in your life, don’t settle; find something that will show him how much he means to you by selecting a gift that will mean something to him. Coming up with romantic gift ideas for him can be easier than you’d think...

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas  - Give the Gift of "Planning" for a Special Valentine's Day. A person can get another relationship, but not another "each other". It's just a few days until the annual celebration of romance is before us. How will you choose to approach this Valentine's Day? Here are some ideas....

Valentine's Day Gifts For Men  -  If you've been looking for Valentine's Day gifts for men, a boyfriend or a husband, gifts that can romance your guy not just on Valentine's Day but throughout the year then you've come to realize that Valentine's Day gifts for men with these qualities are rare. Check these ideas out...

Valentine's Gift Ideas - Love Notes... I started passing little notes of love to my classmates in the first grade. It was Saint Valentine’s Day. It was the beginning of my years of coming up with romantic Valentine's gift ideas...

Gifts for Military - Knowing the importance of acknowledging that ALL THAT IS CERTAIN IS YOUR LOVE, finding ways to keep that love nurtured in military relationships takes priority. Care packages lend themselves to personalization and the opportunity to send items of convenience, favorite treats and sources of entertainment. Sometimes however you want and need to emphasize how much you love one another each day. Since sending your military service man or woman off to work with a kiss and a hug isn't always an option I say find a way to whisper "I Love You" with your heart everyday...

Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her - The best anniversary gifts are gifts from the heart. When it comes to anniversary gift ideas for her, your bride, this will hold true year after year. Consider it an anniversary gift for both of you.

Heart Earrings - What secrets do they hold? - Whether heart earrings are a gift to a woman or a women's self purchase, as you pass her on the sidewalk or encounter her serendipitously you may ask yourself "What secrets do those heart earrings hold"? 




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