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 Due to a family illness, orders were not accepted during 2017. In early 2018, I hope to be back online.  See Starting Over for more details.  - Jean Schnaak, Designer

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March 18, 2018

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A note from the designer.... I believe that love is a gift embedded in our very soul by God. I consider love as both noun and verb - given to us so that we may know Him, praise Him, love our self and others. To love intentionally has an immeasurable effect upon the world and is far beyond our understanding. Harnessing the power of love and carrying a reminder of the love of another with us each day is the concept behind The Loving Heart Collection. Loving Hearts, simple and elegant by design, have been created to act as powerful messages of love, caring and encouragement when shared with others. I hope that my collection of heart jewelry will help you express your love to someone special. - Jean Cotten Schnaak, Designer

Love's language is often in the form of
a quick silver grin,
a twinkling glance,
the briefest movement of a hand,
an almost imperceptible nod...
These are the silent words of love;
a powerful language known only in
those most precious relationship of our lives.
They can say "I'm on your side" or
"I'm proud of you" or simply "I love you."
They are expressions of appreciation, joy and
understanding; silents words that give us
confidence and strength. When you can't be
with the one you love, a tiny symbol of your
love can be. - Jean Schnaak, Designer LHC

              Loving Heart Logo
Loving Hearts express YOUR love.
Although a registered nurse by profession, over the past twenty years Loving Heart™ designer, Jean Cotten Schnaak has spent much of her energy nursing the hearts of others through her jewelry and verse creations. Distinquished by the metal and style elements of each of her Loving Heart™ designs, five collections have been created: The Diamond Solitaire Collection, The Five Diamond Collection, The Birthstone Collection, The 14Karat Gold Collection and The Sterling Silver Collection. All jewelry designs and accompanying verse cards if written by the designer are registered with the United States Copyright Office.
  • The Loving Heart™ Pin won first runner up in Peter Braums Ltd "Designing Tomorrow's Classic Award" at the Jewelers Circular Keystone Show in Las Vegas in 1997.
  • Victoria Magazine's, August 2000 issue incorporated Schnaak in an article about women entrepreneurs and e-commerce titled Turning Passions Into Profits on the Web.
  • Jewelry and bridal industry publications have featured Loving Heart designs in editorial sections to include: InStore, MJSA Journal, VOWS Magazine and Contemporary Bride.
  • New York based, Jewelry Information Center selected the Loving Heart™ Pin in December 2004 as one of the hottest gift items for men for the holiday season.
  • In 2005, Schnaak was selected as one of QVC's Decade of Discovery entrepreneurs and debuted on QVC in July 2005.
  • In February 2006, the Loving Heart™ Pocket Heart was selected by the Jewelry Information Center to be featured on numerous regionally televised news segments featuring unique and thoughtful gifts for Father's Day.
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