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Due to a family illness, we are no longer accepting orders. We hope to be back online soon. - Jean Schnaak, Designer

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June 27, 2017

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                                                              Husbands and wives,  life partners,
                                             brothers, sisters,  best friends ...people who are dedicated
                                           to each other.  Together we celebrate life's happiest moments
                                                             and lean on each other during times
                                                                    of sadness or uncertainty.
                                                          Consider Loving Hearts for the two of you,
                                                   to be worn separately as a source of strength and as
                                                           a reminder that together neither of you will face
                                                                the challenges of this world alone.


Loving Heart™ Pins for Two
Sterling Silver
Loving Heart™ Pins for Two
14K Yellow Gold


I really enjoyed speaking with you - as you know, there are not mistakes with how God works! I just felt a little lighter and happier after speaking with you - now email just doesn't have that same feeling, does it? I will certainly give you the full report after the unveiling. I am sure it will be a wonderful hit. God bless you, for I am sure you

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Loving Hearts are symbols of strength and love two people share. Loving Heart jewelry is given to express the love and support for one another during difficult or stressful times.