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April 23, 2014

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Ask him to wear
 the Loving Heart Pin
 discreetly inside his jacket close to his heart.
Each time he reaches into his pocket
he will be reminded of your love for him and
 the special bond you share.
This Loving Heart Pin may also be worn on a belt, tie, hat,
golf bag or inside a briefcase.
Loving Heart Pin
Sterling Silver
Sterling Birthstone Pin
Loving Heart Pin
14K White Gold
Heart Pin
14K Yellow Gold
Diamond Solitaire Pin


I just wanted to say what a great, great idea these are. I ordered three of these: one for my long-time boyfriend, one for my long distance best friend, and one to keep for myself. My best friend and I have been friends for the past 8 years, though for the past three. I have lived 4 hours away from her. Regardless, we still remain the very bes

The day after my daughter’s wedding, when I realized I had lost the beautiful Heart Pin she had given me, I felt so badly and was quite upset over my unfortunate situation. The pin and the loving sentiment behind it, is probably the greatest and most wonderful gift any father could ever receive from their daughter, especially on their wedding day.

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The Loving Heart Pin is a unique gift option for a romantic, sentimental gift for a man. Express your love with a heart pin, a symbol of your heart to the man you love.