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Due to a family illness, we are no longer accepting orders. We hope to be back online soon. - Jean Schnaak, Designer

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October 17, 2017

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 Perhaps it's your guy's first day
at a new job,
in a new city or on distant shores,
miles from the place he has always called home.
He reaches in his pocket to pay
for a hot cup of coffee to start the day.
              He senses then sees the Pocket Heart™ and thinks of you
      It's going to be a good day.
The Pocket Heart™
Solid Sterling Silver
The Pocket Heart™
10K Gold
The Grateful Heart™
Sterling Silver


Just for fun I was looking at your web site again and I saw that your “pocket heart” was selected as a great 2006 Father’s Day gift by the JIC! (Jewelers Information Center) Congratulations! The person I gave your first one to absolutely adores its design and how it feels in her hand and fingers when she plays with it. I am so happy that it appears

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